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At the end of a long day of school, Kate’s eye would wander, making homework even harder and reading almost impossible. Since vision therapy, Kate can correct her ‘wandering eye’ on her own. Her comprehension levels at school have gone up. Her reading times/levels have improved. She is more focused at school and at home—no matter the task. We ultimately wanted to correct the ‘wandering eye’ without surgery. We did not expect all of the bonus results from therapy. We are thrilled!

- KM

The problems I noticed before vision therapy was that he would sometimes miss a step when walking up stairs. I would also notice his eye laying to one side. Now, his aim in throwing things has gotten better. I don’t see his eye wandering anymore, and he sees all steps when walking.

- AB

He had reluctance or refusal to do homework, often resulting in tears (for us both). He’s had huge improvements in reading and writing. Homework is an easier task for us now, and writing/spelling, while still somewhat challenging, are vastly improved. His reading score on the Iowa Assessment is now at 96%, about double the previous assessment.

- WC

Before vision therapy, she would have trouble reading because she would skip an entire line in a passage. She got a new prescription for glasses, but that did not help. Grace noticed that her vision became worse because everything was blurry. As a new driver, we could not have this! She could not see very well, and her depth perception became an issue. Since vision therapy, she now reads fluently without skipping any lines. She is reading more often now because she can comprehend it better. Her driving has also improved; no more slamming on the brakes nearly missing a turn. She has improved her vision in all aspects of life.

- GI

She was getting headaches at school often and was having trouble focusing as she moved her eyes from the board to her tablet or notebook. Since vision therapy, she no longer complains of headaches at school, and she is better able to focus on things at different distances and transition between them. Her understanding of how her eyes work together to focus has contributed to her awareness of how therapy has helped her.

- EJ

I always had headaches and constant blurred vision. Now I never have headaches or blurred vision.

- GR

He is not skipping words and can follow the flow of a paragraph much better! He can read longer and is expressing a desire to read more, and he’s independently reading now. He has shown significant improvement in choosing L/R quicker. Overall, he’s a better reader with better coordination and improved attention with “read aloud” situations!

- CT

Ethan was having issues with double vision for the most part. This was causing problems with continuous headaches and eyestrain. We reached out to his current neurologist and pediatric ophthalmologist for answers. His neurologist felt that his diagnosis as a myoclonic epileptic had no contribution to his current complaint. The pediatric ophthalmologist examined him and concluded that he was perfectly fine and was faking his complaints for attention seeking behavior. Ethan has become such a confident person and student since undergoing his vision therapy. He doesn’t complain about the prior symptoms anymore. He now wears glasses since starting therapy and has worn them with pride ever since. He finally was able to cross his eyes for the first time ever! His therapy has shown him that with hard work he can accomplish anything. Dr. Jones and her staff helped Ethan to clearly see the world for the first time in his life.

- EP

Before vision therapy I struggled with blurred vision, headaches and double vision.

- CS

Opal avoided reading; letters didn’t seem to make a lot of sense to her. She could read, but had poor word recognition and she became restless and easily tired when reading. She had difficulty reading small text, and often would refuse to do so. This was all odd because she’s a really bright kid! She also had trouble telling the difference between b/d and p/q, and with complex, ordered tasks like tying shoes. Opal is now reading at grade level! She remembers words with ease, can see small text easily, and no longer tires easily or confuses letters. She used to be easily discouraged when reading and no longer is. Her thinking and attention seem much more organized as well. She can easily follow complex instructions and perform fine motor tasks (like making rainbow loom bracelets with her fingers or tying her shoes).

- OZ

He repeated lines when reading, his eyes turned out, and he would frequently get car sick when riding a long distance. Now, he reads more fluently without repeating lines, parts of the sentences. He has much better control of his eyes and no longer gets car sick.

- BW

Baylee struggled with reading fluency, remembering words, and words moving on the page as she was trying to read. She would often get car sick. Reading fluency has improved as well as memory. She also learned how to cross her eyes.

- BW

We noticed that Avery was having difficulty with reading. She would flip “d” and “b”. We also noticed when reading she would use words not in the sentence. Avery was very clumsy and unable to catch objects being tossed at her. Now, Avery can read!

- AL
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